Thursday, March 11, 2010

It Begins

This is my first post on this new blog. I had an old one, but I prefer the layout of this one better. So here is where I'll write about the last few stages of my Zelda II FPS project. I've been working on this since 2009, and I believe it's finally heading towards completion.

This is a project I'm making mostly for myself. I want to play this game, so that's why I'm making it. If someone else made it, that would be fine by me. I think I first got the idea to make an NES game into an FPS when I modeled and animated Ridley from the Metroid games. I got some great feedback from people on the Unity forums and was inspired to make more. I was planning on making a few games like Megaman, Mario and Contra into FPS's. I might still do that, but for now I want to get this Zelda one done.

This is mostly going to be a picture blog since I'm not much of a writer. But I hope people enjoy seeing the hardships I went through trying to make this game a reality. Here's hoping it turns out.

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