Sunday, May 5, 2019


It has been almost 9 years since my last post so I guess an update is due. I dug up the old game project and ported it to WebGL so it is now playable. I had to fix a lot of the code and some shader issues to update the game to the new Unity. It was pretty interesting updating the project, I might make a video about it if anyone is interested in how to revive a 9 year old project.

While I was updating the game, I changed the following things:

  • If you press P to pause the game. On the pause screen there is now a mouse sensitivity slider and an option to invert mouse Y.
  • I increased the number of lives from 3 to 8. This way the game is a little more forgiving if you die a lot.
  • I added an extra platform on your way to the heart container. It was a little too difficult before to make the last jump.

After I first made this fan game, I did want to continue it. I modeled and animated the Goriya enemy and had layouts for the 2nd and 3rd palaces. However, after seeing how Nintendo DMCAs these types of projects I figured it wasn't worth it. I'd much rather create an original IP with a similar look and feel. But that would require a lot of original artwork and other assets. So if anyone is interested in doing 3D modeling / animation, and another person wants to do music / SFX, let me know.

For now, enjoy the game as it is, and feel free to send me any bugs you find. Now that the project is updated I can more easily fix things.