Sunday, May 2, 2010


Added flying rocks to the desert area. I don't want to put cactuses in this area because the Saguaro cactuses depicted in the original game are a stereotype of american western deserts and shouldn't be in a desert like this. This is a personal protest against incorrect facts. In Banjo-Kazooie the desert level had the wrong type of cactus for an egyptian desert. They obviously did no research or even bothered to google a picture of what a real desert looks like.


  1. really dude? they didn't google it in 1988?

    while we're fact checking, why not take away the fact that infinite little swords fly out of your sword when you're healthy?

    just sayin...

    btw... AWESOME game.

  2. Get over yourself. Fictional fantasy doesn't need to follow real-world geography in a by-the-book matter. If you're going to pitch a fit over desert authenticity, you might as well get your panties in a twist over discrepancies in their use in Grecian architecture.

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  4. Honestly, I think that the attention to detail as far as landscape goes makes it richer. And id have to say i do agree. The typical American western cactus would be a bit odd in a Zelda world.

  5. Zelda II's Hyrule has pig-men, 9-foot-tall evil knights with horse heads, swards that shoot beams , but only when it's user is in perfect health, and palaces that only appear when you play a song on a special flute. But your suspension of disbelief hits a wall at cactuses in a desert.

    Hyrule has Saguaro-type cactuses. Period. It's not up to you to define the ecology of someone else's fantasy world.